AidAim MsgCommunicator v4.10

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    • AidAim MsgCommunicator v4.10

      Hier ein Instant Messaging SDK für Delphi.


      MsgCommunicator is a native Delphi / C++Builder software development kit (SDK) which was specially designed for the easy creation of custom internet/intranet messenger systems like Mirabilis ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Jabber, etc. with data compression and strong encryption as well as with other advanced networking technologies.

      MsgCommunicator includes methods, properties and events to exchange custom messages of different types like String, Stream and binary buffer with data compression and encryption capabilities.

      But MsgCommunicator is not just the build-in OS API messages functions replacement with advanced compression, encryption, and network functionality; it provides methods and properties to work with other objects like User's Contact List, User Info, Users database at server, as well as User Goes On-line / Off-Line events and other functionality you need to build a messenger.

      MsgCommunicator allows sending/receiving very large objects with progress indicator support. Any number of files/streams can be sent/received simultaneously. Transmitting of files and streams takes no effect on the other command/message data exchange. These objects can be sent directly or thru server despite of their sizes which can be very large. MsgCommunicator enables you to customize network data transmission process for each file/stream independently.

      MsgCommunicator is successfully tested with 100,000 simultaneous connections and high load messaging. Each server can theoretically handle up to 2^31 (over 2 billions) concurrent connections on the single machine (really limited by hardware). MsgCommunicator is a ready solution for building corporative or public internet servers.

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