SkinCrafter 3.7.1

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    • SkinCrafter 3.7.1

      EDIT : 03.08.

      Ich wurde darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass der Download fehlerhaft ist, weshalb ich hier nun eine etwas neuere Version (3.7.1 statt 3.6.0) und auch einen funktionierenden Download anbiete. Das Paket umfasst einen Demo-Installer und einen Patch-Installer.


      Hier eine Lib für alle diejenigen, die ihre .NET-Anwendung ein wenig "pimpen" wollen :D.

      SkinCrafter description
      Improve your user interface

      SkinCrafter provides a set of components that will allow you to create unique UI elements for your applications.

      You create software and we care about its user interface. Should you think of several color themes for your product - visit our gallery with hundreds of ready-to-use styles.

      Moreover, SkinCrafter supports msstyles skins, which are available in thousands online.

      Should you consider the development environment, there will not be a problem - SkinCrafter engine is offered as ActiveX and .Net component, which ensures its compatibility with the most of common programming languages.

      SkinCrafter is accompanied with free skin maker application - SkinBuilder might be used by anyone to create new unique styles.

      Check how SkinCrafter can improve a visual interface of any software. There is a variety of ready-to-use skins available in skin gallery.

      All licensed customers may use and modify all of them with royalty-free. Support of msstyles increases the number of styles you can use dramatically, as there are a lot of free msstyles in the net.
      Here are some key features of "SkinCrafter":

      Support of all WIN32 platforms including .NET applications
      Support of all common programming languages so you can develop VB skins plus skins for C#, VB.NET, MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi,
      CA – Visual Objects, Rapid Euphoria
      Semi-transparency (opacity) – there’s no need to worry about layout. Only the shapes are important.
      Accurate skinning of all Windows Common Dialogs (Open, Save As and etc.)
      SkinBuilder for everyone who needs a powerful GUI design tool.


      .NET Framework 2.0


      Nag screen

      What's New in This Release:
      - SetAlphaAnimation Method for push buttons realized
      - Window size bug in the Windows 7 message box fixed
      - Open/Save Dialog toolbars bug fixed
      - VB6 toolbar bug fixed

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